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Welcome to the 2021 Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camp!

Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camps provide a unique experience for campers by incorporating martial art tenements such as Respect, Focus, and Self Discipline in fun filled activities and adventures. 

Infinity schools and Summer Camps for Kids are known for their Dynamic Instructors, Modern Curriculum and Safe/Clean environments.  

Our weekly themes such as Superhero Week, Space Exploration Camp, Dinosaur Week, etc. will keep your child engaged and learning all summer long. 

In addition to each weekly theme there is a corresponding Martial Arts- Life Lesson.  We call it our “Weekly Words of Wisdom”!  For instance, during Summer Olympics Camp the kids will be training like gold medal athletes and compete in FUNchallenges, all while learning about Sportsmanship and Teamwork!

The Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camp is a fun filled program for children age 7 - 12 years old.

Space is limited. Sign up now!   


Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camp provides a unique experience for campers by incorporating martial art tenements such as Respect, Focus, and Self Discipline in fun filled activities and adventures. 


2021 Price Break Down and Weekly Themes

Mission Statement: Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camp provides a unique experience for campers by incorporating martial art tenements such as Respect, Focus, and Self Discipline in fun filled activities and adventures. 


Infinity Summer Camp Session 1: Star Wars Camp

June 7th-June 11th
In a galaxy far away, campers will train to be Jedi. They will build their own light saber, learn how to be One with the Force with fun yoga classes, complete space missions such as capture the flag, and fight to save their galaxy in the final battle—Nerf Wars-- from the Sith.


Infinity Summer Camp Session 2: Super-Hero Training Camp

June 14th-June 18th
Which universe is better: Marvel or DC? Campers will learn to fight crime, solve a mystery and meet local heroes in their community.

Infinity Summer Camp Session 3: Back to Nature Week

June 21nd-June 25th
Campers will return to their roots and learn how to identify local plants and animals, create fun ecofriendly crafts, and learn about nature conservation.


Summer Camp Session 4: Red, White and Blue Week: 

June 28th-July 2nd

Campers will learn about events that helped shaped the early United States during the week leading up to the 4th of July. Campers will also get to cook like early Americans and make handmade toys.


Infinity Summer Camp Session 5: Survivor Camp

July 6th- July 10th
Just like the network show Survivor, campers will face challenging tasks and develop team building skills. They will also learn basic, lifesaving skills such as building a fire, tying knots, purifying drinking water, reading a map and so much more. 


Infinity Summer Camp Session 6: Space Exploration Camp

July 12th-July 16th
Blast off into a week filled with out of this world activities! Campers will learn about outer space, train like astronauts, design rockets and airplanes and learn about flight.


Infinity Summer Camp Session 7: Shark Week

July 19th-July 23rd
Shark! Campers will have a wet and wild week filled with water activities. They will learn why sharks are important ocean predators.

Infinity Summer Camp Session 8: Harry Potter Camp

July 26th-July 30th
Help us celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday in magical fashion. Campers –witches and wizards—will visit Ollivander’s Wand Shop and make their own wand. They will also sharpen their minds in potions and transfiguration classes. And finally, train to defeat YOU KNOW WHO!


Session 9: Summer Olympics 

August 2nd-6th
Calling all athletes! Campers will learn what it takes to be a gold medal athlete. Make fun fueled snack and compete in the Olympic games.


Session 10: Dinosaur Week!

August 9th-13th
Campers will become paleontologist and explore our prehistory history. They will unearth hidden secrets, identify relics, and decode the past. 


Session 11: It’s a Zoo Week!

August 16th-August 20th
Campers will learn about local and foreign animals, environments, and how to be an ambassador to our planet. 


Session 12: The Best Week of Summer Camp!

August 23rd-August 27th
Campers will celebrate the final week of Summer Break with all the staff’s favorite games, art projects, science experiments and more. It will be a true party with water games, relay races and outdoor challenges. Come join the fun!


Prices: $250/wk

10% off for 2nd Child

Registration Fee

Non-refundable $40 Supply fee That includes a FREE t-shirt.

Field Trips may cost extra depending on the excursion.

Daily price options available.  Call to register. 

Camp Hours:


Dop off from 7:30am to 9am

Pick up from 3:30pm to 5pm

Extended Hours available for additional fees.  Call for details.

Campers: 7-12 year old


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

A typical day at camp is filled with fun games and activities, arts and crafts, science experiments and martial arts. 


What are your camp hours?

Our camp hours are from 8am-4pm with late pick up from 4-5pm at an additional cost. 


What time is Drop-Off and Pick Up?

Drop off is from 7:30-9am and Pick Up is from 3:30-5pm at Infinity Martial Arts Middleton.

Do you have late pick up?
Yes. Extended care is available from 5-6pm at an additional cost of $10.00/hour for the first child and $8.00/hour for siblings. You can use this service as you need it from day to day.

What is the cost for 1 child?
The cost of enrollment for each child is $250/week.

What is the cost for additional children? Is there a discount?
Yes. There is a 10% discount for additional family members.

Is there a discount for signing up early?
Yes. For the first 15 campers to register for camp, their $40 registration fee will be waived, and they will receive a free t-shirt.

What is the refund policy?
The office must be notified 1 month prior to the commencement of a session. Infinity Martial Arts Summer Camp will issue a refund of any unused portion of the payment, less the non-refundable $40.00 registration fee. Please contact Sacha Viviano, our Camp Director, if you need to cancel your camper’s session. She can be reached at infinityma.sachaviviano@gmail.com 

What if my child misses a day of camp? Can we do a make-up day?

No. We do not offer any make-up days for camp.

Is lunch provided?
No. Parents must provide children with their own healthy lunch. However, two healthy snacks will be provided. There will not be an opportunity to buy lunch at camp.

Will the campers be taking field trips?

We hope to have field trips this summer, but this will depend on the status of Covid-19 and Dane County Health Dept. orders. We will communicate in more details as we near the beginning weeks of camp.  Additional field trip fees may apply.
Some field trip examples include laser tag, bowling, trampoline parks, hiking, trips to State Parks, and going to Henry Vilas Zoo.


Can my child bring cell phone or other electronics to camp?

We ask that campers keep all electronic items at home since they will not have an opportunity to use them during the day. We don’t want to see these items lost or damaged.


What if I need to contact my child during the day?

If you need to contact your child during the day, you can call the school at 608-831-3332.  We will make appropriate arrangements on how we can be contacted, in the event of a field trip or are out doors. 


What is appropriate attire for my child?
We ask that your child dresses appropriately for the weather and in “play type” clothing. We ask that they wear clothes toed shoes and not sandals since they will be outside playing field games. In addition, have them pack a hat for sunny days and a light jacket if it is cool; they will be playing outside.


Is sunscreen and bug spray provided?

No. We ask that you apply the sunscreen and bug spray on prior/at camp in the morning. We will remind kids to reapply the sunscreen throughout the day, but it will be their responsibility.


What happens if my child gets sick during the day?

If your child happens to become ill at camp, we will contact you to have the child picked up. If a fever is noticed, the child will have to stay home for 24 hours after the fever goes away. These are state guidelines to help protect against the spread of illness through the group.


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